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Today: November 14, 2019


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The Canvas Printing Process

We print canvas on a product called Picasso Artist Canvas. This canvas material is treated with a special chemical specifically for the purpose of printing directly onto the canvas. This ensures that the end product is of the utmost quality. We print at 1000 dpi, which is more than enough, especially considering that the difference between 500 and 1000 dpi will not be visible to the naked eye. 


When ordering canvas you have a choice between two options. The first of which is to order only the printed canvas which we then supply to you printed and rolled up. Or you could have it stretched over a frame ready to be hung on the wall. In the industry these two options are respectively called upstretched and stretched. When you order your stretched canvas we stretch the canvas over a 44x22mm pine wood frame. Canvas of 1 squared metre and larger gets additional support in the middle. The widest that we can print canvas is 1.2m as the actual canvas material isn’t available in wider rolls. When it comes to stretched canvas the largest we recommend it to be is 4 square metres, because the frame tends to buckle and bend if made any bigger.

If you require a canvas that is bigger than 4 square metres we recommend that you rather have us tension it over a 25mm square tubing steel frame which could further be rounded off with an aluminium angle iron boarder which will give a very exclusive and corporate appearance to it.






There are different options for the side of the frame. You can either leave it black, white, or a solid colour of your choice. Another option is to have part of the artwork wrap around the sides (will need at least 75mm on each side)


Turn-around times are as follows:

  • Stretched Canvas requires around 7 working days to complete depending on size and availability of wood.
  • Unstretched Canvas requires 3 working days as only printing is in this process.

Please note that the 1st working day is the day after artwork approval and payment of 50% deposit is received.

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For more information regarding our canvas prints click here to go to our main website


Please note: That on Fridays we will be closing at 15:00