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Today: October 23, 2019

history collageThe history of canvas printing


Canvas printing has become the preferred choice for most photographers today, the only thing that changed is the way we put ink onto the canvas.

With the technology of modern times we can now use INK JET printers to produce incredible pieces of art.

Years ago artists used layers of linen, polished with white paint to produce a surface to print on but a cotton canvas is a much more versatile medium. It can stretch better and because of its structure it will last up to a hundred years.

Artists like the texture and feel of the canvas because of the rough surface. It’s possible to still use that texture of the canvas but apply the ink using a machine instead of a hand and brush.

Artists can express their feelings through painting onto a canvas, that piece of art will last thousands of years to leave a mark in history. It can be immortalised by hanging in a famous gallery or in a family home. You can still express yourself through and record history through a photograph or a digital piece of art. Famous photographers around the world capture incredible moments and they are displayed in magazines and galleries.

Canvases of A3 size and smaller the frame can be put together differently so that the thickness is 22mm.



There is also the fact that you can reproduce an image. Millions of people will be able to enjoy the picture in their own homes.

Not all of us can afford an original piece of art on our living room walls, but we can all have our own piece of history by having a canvas print of that specific image, whether its the Mona Lisa or a child€™s hand painting, it will bring lasting memories.

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