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Today: October 23, 2019

Printing on Canvas

Why Canvas? Sometimes you want your photos to create an impression. Canvas prints why canvasare perfect for that not simply because they'€™re typically large, but because the way canvas reflects light and the impression it tends to leave on the viewer. Since antiquity, we'€™ve associated €œcanvas with art.

Size & Price: A canvas print can be ordered in sizes usually starting at 8 x 10-inches up to 40 x 60-inches. You can make a larger print by creating blocks a single photo divided into three or more distinct prints (you can produce this block€ effect with smaller-sized prints as well).

The size of your canvas print will determine its price a€“ with larger prints being pricier. But there'€™s more to the price than canvas print size, such as whether you order the print in €œun-stretched€ or €œstretched€ format.

Picture taken from the back of a canvas stretched over a Meranti wood frame



Un-stretched vs. Stretched: A €œun-stretched€ canvas is a print that'€™s not stretched out over (or placed beneath) a frame. It is less expensive to order a un-stretched canvas print, since the printer won'€™t have to stretch and frame the canvas themselves. A stretched€ canvas is a print that'€™s flattened out and anchored around a wooden frame. You can still frame a stretched canvas, as a stretched canvas is usually wrapped over a wooden frame.


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