Canvas printing myths

A lot of people do not fully understand canvas printing. They believe it involves mixing both painting and photography, and so they hesitate. But printing canvas can be used in both home and corporate environments. It is a great way to leave an impression with potential clients. Read the topics below to better see how we bust those canvas printing myths.

The “pixel” problem

This is the first topic that people tend to have problems with when looking at canvas printing. Some believe that printing on canvas is no better than printing on standard paper on your own home printer. Using only images of high quality we ensure excellent printing that will not show pixels (our office assistants will advise you on these matters). Our materials and top notch printer creates vibrant colour and high resolution canvases.

“Limited imagery?”

When we advertise our canvases people tend to decline the offer “due to its limitations”. We realised that people believe that you may only use certain types of images on your canvas print eg. photos only. This could not be farther from the truth; as a matter of fact we are able to print any colour on almost any size. The images can be vector based or graphic based, as long as the images are of good quality we will be able to print to your heart’s desire.

A canvas that is larger than an A2 will have a support plank in the middle.